Welcome to opcuaserver.com, host for OPC UA Servers!

List of OPC UA Servers hosted on this machine:

Name Endpoint URL Vendor Vendor web site
Local Discovery Server opc.tcp://opcuaserver.com:4840 OPC Foundation https://opcfoundation.org
OPC UA C++ Demo Server opc.tcp://opcuaserver.com:48010 Unified Automation https://www.unified-automation.com
OPC UA Demo Weather Server (provides real weather data with 15 minute rate for majority of countries and cities around world) opc.tcp://opcuaserver.com:48484 Open source project at GitHub

About the project.

Very often before buying a product, we want to try it.
For this reason, almost every software vendor offers demo version of their products. Usually demo version needs to be downloaded, installed, and configured by the customer before trying it.
Things might become more complicated for server / client applications, such as OPC UA Servers and Clients. In order to try OPC UA Server, you need OPC UA Client, and vise versa. Does not it remind you chicken or egg problem?
As part of solving this problem, it makes sense to run demo/simulation verion of the OPC UA server somewhere in the Internet, so it can be accessed 24/7. This requires additional effort from software verdors to deploy and maintain infrastructure to run demo applications.
But even then there might be problems accessing it by OPC UA Clients, for example when the client application is located behind corporate firewall and outgoing opc.tcp communication is blocked.

This project is aimed to eliminate this overhead for both OPC UA Server or Client application vendors and potential customers. One-Way Automaiton offers up to one year free hosting for demo OPC UA Servers here at opcuaserver.com!
So demo OPC UA Servers will be accessible anywhere from the Internet 24/7, preconfigured and ready to accept connections from OPC UA clients!

Well, how about possible problem when the customer does not have OPC UA client installed or it is blocked by the firewall?

For this part of the problem we offer Online OPC UA Client at https://www.uaclient.com!

As a result, without downloading or installing any software, neither server nor client, customers can discover OPC UA Servers by browsing Local Discovery Server, connect to it, browse address space and subscribe to monitored items.

Here is how it works:

If you are OPC UA Server application vendor:

  • you provide us with an installer for the demo OPC UA Server with short instructions how to setup and configure it;
  • we install it here at opcuaserver.com, configure following your instructions (including manual registration it at the local discovery server, in case if your server does not support this feature), and open its endpoints to be accessible from the Internet.
  • we publish information about it here on opcuaserver.com (name, endpoints, your company name and link web site), so your customers can connect to the server from Online OPC UA Client or using other OPC UA Client application.

If you are vendor of OPC UA Client application:

  • you can use demo OPC UA servers installed here to test and/or demo your client applications;
  • Important: firewall is running in the host to protect from malicious applications. Please send request with your client's IP address to support at onewayautomation.com in order to allow your client to connect to the servers hosted at opcuaserver.com!

Note that our demo Online OPC UA Client by default is configured to connect to the Local discovery Server running here at opcuaserver.com. So when users add new OPC UA Session to it, they can discover OPC UA Server running at this machine, and easily connect to it.

Currently there are a few OPC UA Servers running at oipcuaserver.com (see the table above).
The Local Discovery Server endpoint URL is opc.tcp://opcuaserver.com:4840.

Please contact us" for details or to send to us your hosting request.

Please note also that the servers are configured to limit number of connections from the same client or IP address. So if you cannot connect anymore to the discovery server or to any of the servers, probably the reason was because your client was creating too many connections and is blocked now. Please contact us to check if your client / IP address is blocked.

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